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The Wonders of CARROT JUICE

By John B. Lust

Carrot juice, because of its many healthful benefits, is frequently called a the "miracle juice." A large number of people--throughout the United States and in all walks of life--suffering from various ailments have found that the inclusion of carrot juice in their diet has greatly improved their health. Countless others have found it to be a valuable "protective" agent in the building and maintenance of health in both children and adults, while its delicious flavor makes it popular with all members of the family as a beverage --plain or combined with other juices.

Gold mine of nutrients.

Carrot juice is one of the richest sources of vitamin A that can be used in the daily diet. It also ranks high as a source of the other vitamins, especially those of the B complex. Its mineral content is equally rich, and includes calcium, copper, magnesium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, chlorine, sulfur, and iron.

The vitamin A content of carrot juice helps to strengthen the eyes. In many cases where defective eyesight was noted--as during the war--the condition was overcome by fortifying the diet with fresh carrot juice.

One of the first evidences of vitamin A deficiency may be noted in the difficulty of adjusting the sight in a dim light, as in entering a dark room, or theatre, from a brightly lighted hall. A more serious symptom is the inability to regain focus of the road after the glare of passing automobile headlights. This sight defect is known as "night blindness," or "glare-blindness," and has been the cause of many serious accidents.

Vitamin A is essential in keeping healthy condition the mucous membranes which line all the cavities of the body. The mucous membrane may be described as consisting of two layers. The top layer, ~nown as epithelium is composed of billions of cells. Close under the epithelium lies the mucous membrane, a thin layer of involuntary muscle fibers., which are extremely pliable and elastic. The vitality of this lining depends upon an adequate supply of vitamin A. When a deficiency of vitamin A exists the cells harden and degenerate into a horny rough surface, obstructing the normal function of the secretion of the disinfectant mucous. Infections resulting from vitamin A deficiency may affect the bladder or kidneys, the alimentary tract, the mouth, tonsils, sinuses, the tongue, ear canal, eyes or tear ducts.

Vitamin A promotes growth of bones and teeth, the maintenance of healthy body tissues, and the maintenance of normal glandular functions. It aids in the resistance to infections.  Vitamin A is especially necessary in the diet of expectant mothers to build up and maintain the health of both mother and the developing child.    Fresh carrot juice should be included in the diet not only during pregnancy, but also during the period of nursing the baby.

In addition to those already mentioned, some of the symptoms which have been traced to vitamin A deficiency are: dry, scaly and rough skin, especially on the arms and legs; intestinal disorders and diarrhea; poor appetite; retarded growth; lack of vigor loss in weight and physical weakness; atrophy of the glands; poor development of teeth through defective  formation of enamel and dentine--and poor gum structure, and may also be a causative factor in cases of sterility; nerve degeneration and stones in the kidney and bladder.

It is pointed out by many authorities that where a vitamin A deficiency exists, it may be the result of either inadequate amount of this vitamin in the diet, or of faulty metabolism. The latter condition may be a symptom of some physical disorder which requires diagnosis and treatment by a physician.

Another cause of vitamin A deficiency is the practice of using mineral oil which carries off the vitamin A before it has been absorbed by the system. Mineral oil should not be used in salad dressing for this reason, and, under any condition, should be used only on the advice of a physician, usually as a temporary measure only.

When changes occur in the tissues because of vitamin A deficiency, the natural protection against bacteria is removed and the tissues become diseased. An adequate intake of vitamin A--especially in carrot juice-will help overcome infection.

Vitamin A is soluble in fat but not in water. Consequently, surplus vitamin A is not lost in the body fluids, such as urine, perspiration, etc., but is stored for future use. Approximately 958 of all such surplus vitamin A is stored in the liver, with small amounts in the ~dneys, lungs and under the skin.

Your daily requirements

The Food and Nutrition Committee of the National Research Council has established a scale for the minimum daily requirement of vitamin A as follows:

Who Int. Units
Children under 1 year 1500
Children 1 to 12 years 2000 to 3500
Adolescent girls & boys 4500 to 5000
Adults - men and women 5000
Women during pregnancy 6000
Women during nursing period 8000

The above scale is based upon the minimum required to prevent deficiency diseases and does not provide the necessary surplus required for full health.

It is impossible to determine, with any degree of scientific accuracy, what the daily requirement is for any individual under varying physical conditions, and how much of the vitamin A intake the body is able to absorb at any given time due to metabolic conditions or other factors.

The liver is capable of storing large quantities of vitamin A over a period of years to be called upon when needed. In order to keep this surplus at an adequate point, an ample daily intake should be provided. For example, an 8-ounce glass of fresh carrot juice will provide an average of 50,000 or more units of vitamin A. In this form the daily requirements and adds to the surplus accumulated to meet any emergency.

The amount of carotene (which is converted to vitamin A in the liver) contained in carrots is indicated by the depth of the coloring matter. The large, firm, dark-yellow carrots, therefore, should be selected for juicing, rather than the light-yellow ones, because of their greater carotene content. Another vitamin contained in carrot juice is vitamin E. This vitamin appears in three forms, known chemically as alpha-, beta-, and gamma-tocopherol, and commonly known as the vitamin E complex. In animal experimentation, vitamin E has been found to affect reproduction. When foods bearing this vitamin were fed to animals which had failed to reproduce, their sterility was overcome.

Vitamin E and Cancer

Another intensely interesting study being made is the relation of vitamin E to the new growth, or division, of cells necessary to keep the tissues in healthy repair. In laboratory tests, when cancer tissue was placed in a vitamin-E-rich blood serum, the cancer tissue did not grow. When a blood serum lacking vitamin E as used in a similar test, the cancer cells divide normally in the presence of vitamin E. When this vitamin is lacking, healthy cell division does not occur and cancer cells are permitted to grow. Other tests brought out the fact that where experimental animals were fed food rich in vitamin E they resisted cancer, whereas those fed foods lacking this vitamin developed a cancerous condition.

While information at this time is incomplete as to the relation of the vitamin E complex to human nutrition and body processes, it is believed that further experiments will bring some dramatic developments. In the meantime, it is safe to assume that--as with all of the other vitamins--vitamin E complex plays an important part in building vital health. It is a wise precaution, therefore, to include plenty of foods--in the daily diet.

Because of its rich vitamin and mineral content--and other valuable nutrients--the daily diet should be fortified with the protective and healthful benefits of carrot juice. It can be taken alone, or combined with Other fruit (apple) and vegetables juices or even blended with an avocado.

Preparing Carrots for Juicing. Wash carrots thoroughly in cold water, using a stiff vegetable brush. Scrape lightly, but do not peel, as valuable vitamins and minerals lies close to the surface. The juice should be taken immediately it is made, if at all possible. If not, let the juice flow directly into glass jars which should then be covered with screw-on lids. After pouring the quantity to be used immediately, keep the remaining juice-tightly covered--in the refrigerator to prevent loss of vitamin and mineral content through oxidation.

Carrot juice blends with practically all other juices. It is a delicious nourishing beverage for all members of the family at all times and it should be an important part of the diet in cases of illness.

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