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The Lequip Visor Juicer and The Solo Star Single Auger Juicers
by John Kohler

One of the most frequent questions we have been asked lately is, "What's the best single auger juicer?  There are so many."  When the single auger style juicer came out just a few years ago, there was only once choice; It was the Oscar Juicer (which is basically the same as the Omega 8001 that came out soon after). Then came the Samson, which was an improved design of the Oscar, and  then the Lequip Visor with its off-set feed chute and smaller screen hole size  than the Omega 8001 or Samson.  All these units are about the same, aside from minor differences in design - they each have one juicing screen (all about the same size) and an auger that is about the same size.

Now,  Tribest (the company that brought you the Green Power and Green Star Juicer) enters the single auger juicer market.

singleaugers.jpg (17682 bytes)The new Solo Star Juicer has the standard juicing auger, but it is shaped a bit differently than the others.  Please see photo (Visor Auger is on top, Solo Star auger is on bottom).  The Solo Star auger  is about two inches longer.  Due to this design change, the juicer also has two juicing screens, which the manufacturer claims lead to a higher yield of juice.  We will test this claim, so read on. . . 

Before getting to the tests, lets take a look at the construction of the two machines.  The Lequip Visor has a more sleek look with round corners.  The "visor" flips over to the other side of the juicer when the juicing apparatus is not attached.  It then is reminiscent of a Volkswagen "bug".  The Solo Star is more boxy and square in design. It is also a fair bit longer, due to the long housing that contains the juicing auger. 

visorsolo.jpg (32019 bytes)

The Lequip Visor has the "standard single auger set-up"- similar to the Omega 8001 and Samson Juicer.  It has a single auger that crushes the produce and pushes it (crushed produce and juice) into the screen, at which point the juice is pushed through the screen and drips into the collection bowl. 

The Solo Star design adds an extra step to the standard single auger set up. After the Solo Star initially crushes the produce,  any "thrown" off juice immediately drips into the collection bowl, and then the produce is pushed into the screen for further juice extraction.  Does this extra step really add to the quantity of the juice produced?

We did a direct comparison with the juicing of Cal-Organic Carrots.   We carefully measured 2 pounds, 12.5 ounces of carrots for each juicer and fed them through.  You can see the results of the test in the table below.

  Solo Star Lequip Visor Difference
(2 lbs., 12.5 oz)
23 oz 17 oz + 26%

As you can see from the table above, the Solo Star produced 26% more juice when juicing carrots in our test.  Of course, results will vary depending on the produce being juiced.  Remember that  loss of yield means that you are throwing extra "juice" away in the fiber!

I tasted the juice, and the juice was not as "fiber free" as a centrifugal ejection machine or twin gear machine. The juice did have less pulp than the other single auger juicers I have tested (Samson and Omega 8001).   The Solo Star juice seemed to have less tiny bits of pulp than the Juice created by the Visor.

After Juicing, just to make sure the results were correct, we weighed the carrot pulp that came out of each machine:

  Solo Star Lequip Visor Difference
Ejected Carrot Pulp 1 pound 3 ounces 1 pound 9 ounces + 24%

Again you can see that the difference is 24%, which would lead us to believe that the Solo Star Juicer is more efficient, since it does extract the juice out of the fiber of the carrot.  We also might mention that after looking at the carrot pulp, it looked like the Solo Star did a better job of breaking down the carrot fibers, since I saw smaller pieces of pulp than was created by the Lequip Visor.

After weighing the pulp we wanted to see if we could extract more juice out of it, so we fed the pulp back through the juicers again to see how much more juice we could get.

  Solo Star Lequip Visor Difference
Extra Juice from juicing pulp 1 ounce +mess + 4.5 ounces 3.5 ounces

This is where things got a bit complicated.  It's always harder to juice pulp than juicing whole carrots in single auger juicers.   We had to press the pulp into the machines with a fair bit of pressure to make the pulp feed through the machines.  When we did it on the Lequip Visor everything went as planned, the pulp came out a bit dryer, and it produced an extra 4.5 ounces of juice.  Even with the extra 4.5 ounces, the yield of the Lequip Visor was less than the Solo Star.

When we did the same thing on the Solo Star, we immediately had a problem.  The pulp started shooting out of one of the juicing screens, since the design of the machine is to take whole carrots, not pulp.  So we placed a "cap" over the juicing screen on the bottom of the machine that is provided by the manufacturer and continued to juice.  I found it very hard to push the pulp through the machine, and finally the "cap" blew out and made a mess.  So I would not recommend trying to get a "second pressing" with the  Solo Star.   With its first pressing, I believe the Solo Star did a good job of extracting the juice out of the carrots, so a second pressing would not be needed. (Did I mention second pressings are always messy, and add clean-up time?)

If you did want to get a second pressing, we would recommend the Ito hand press.  You can read another article I wrote entitled, "Are you getting all the juice?"

A few other factors to consider:

  • Juice Quality-  The Solo Star runs at a lower 80 rpm, and seemed to produce a "finer" juice with less pulp in the juice.
  • Clean up-  The Solo Star has a smaller main juicing screen, which has less surface area to clean.  The other juicing screen was built into the housing, and was easily washed with my kitchen sprayer.
  • Pulp Collection - The Lequip Visor  pulp collection bin is larger (40 ounces) and was much easier to line with a plastic bag, thus easing cleanup. The collector on the Solo Star is only 32 ounces.
  • Juice Collection - The Lequip Visor  juice collection bin is smaller  (20 ounces) and does not hold as much juice as the Solo Star collection bin that holds 32 ounces.
  • Ease of Use -  Feeding the carrots into the Lequip Visor was a fair bit easier due to the off set feeding chute that helps to pull produce into the machine.  When feeding carrots into the Solo Star, they had to be pushed with some constant downward pressure.
  • Noise Level -   Both juicers are both on the quiet end of the juice spectrum; the Solo Star was quieter in our decibel test.
  • Warranty - The Lequip Visor juicer warranty is 6 years, while the Solo Star juicer is 5 years. 
Juicer Solo Star Lequip Visor
Picture Solo Star Juicer The Lequip Visor
Extraction Method Single Auger Single Auger
Watts 180 Watts 105 Watts
RPM 80 100
Ejects Pulp Yes Yes
Size of Feed Tube 1.50" x 1.50" 1.50" x 1.50"
Shape of Feed Tube Circle   Circle
of Juicing Auger
Melamine Plastic Melamine Plastic
Dual Stage Juicing YES NO
Juicing Screen Material #1 Plastic
#2 Stainless Steel in Plastic Frame
Stainless Steel in Plastic Frame
Continuous Juicing Yes Yes
Pulp collection bin capacity 32 ounces 40 ounces
Juice collection bin capacity 32 ounces 20 ounces
Decibels while running (not juicing) 70 dB mix / 79dB max 83 dB mix / 87 dB max
Juices Wheatgrass Yes Yes
Replacement Parts Available Available
Size of Juicer 10" H x 7.75" W x 17" L 8.75" H x 7" W x 16" L
Warranty 5 years 6 years
Your Price $239.99 $219.99
Retail Price $299.99 $269.99
You Save $60.00 $50.00

We hope you have learned more about the two juicers featured in this comparison. 

Both these juicers performed well.  I'm sure you can see by our results, that our favorite was the Solo Star Juicer, due to the following points:

  • Quieter (10+ dB in our tests)
  • Produces a higher yield (approx. 25% in our tests)
  • Easier to Clean

We also like the Lequip Visor for the following points:

  • Price (This is the least expensive Single Auger Juicer)
  • Easier to feed produce into the machine (due to off-set feed chute)
  • We prefer the Lequip Visor over the Samson and Omega 8001 due to the offset feeding chute, and smaller screen hole size.
  • It's the smallest and most compact single auger juicer.
  • Better for juicing when you want a "Second Pressing"
  • Longer Warranty

Please note: These are our tests and our opinions, your results may vary.

Click to watch a VIDEO demonstration of some of the products we offer!

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