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Wide Feed Chute Juicer Comparison 

One of the most frequently asked questions we have been getting lately is, "Do you know anything about the Jack Lalanne Juicer?".   With the Infomercial blitz on TV, that juicer has gotten alot of press lately.   I suppose its trying to "unseat" the Juiceman as the #1 juicer sold by infomercials.  While the Juiceman II and Jack Lalanne juicers are good units, in their own respects, I believe there are other juicers, that don't get the "Infomercial" time that are are better.  Remember: It's expensive to produce and air an infomercial, so the companies must be making a huge amount of profit (which means a higher product price) to pay for it all.  Many companies that make juicers, just don't have the financial resources that SALTON (who promotes the Juiceman) and the company that is backing the Jack Lalanne Juicer, Tristar..   Hopefully after reading this article, you too will be more familiar with the Wide Feed Chute Juicers.

The reason for the big popularity of the Jack Lalanne juicer in my opinion, is the LARGE (or wide) feed chute, that can accept whole apples without cutting.  People in today's society do not have the time to cut, chop, dice and prepare the fruits and vegetables to feed them into juicers.  The Jack Lalanne, The Lequip Big Mouth 215XL , Omega Big Mouth Juicer, the Breville Juice Fountain Plus, and other "knock-offs" have the largest feed chutes that I know of, they are both 3" in diameter.  These units will accept several carrots at a time, instead of one carrot or a whole apple, instead of 1/4 of it.  Since you can stuff the produce faster into the juicer, the juice comes out faster.

I can tell you the history of the Juice Fountain.  The design is originally from Australia, where they have sold over 50,000 units, since the unit was patented in 1995. (for the wide feed chute and the special mesh screen that was developed to increase yield).  So its been out for several years now and has a track record.  In fact, Hamilton Beach was the first to import the Breville Juice Fountain  into the United States, and sell it with the Hamilton Beach Label.   (Its my understanding they only imported 5,000 units, and the contract ended, so they will not be selling them as soon as their inventory runs out).   I am guessing the Jack Lalanne juicer was manufactured within the last few years at the request of a US company, in Taiwan or china, from an existing design, modifying the feed chute to make it as larger.  Since the Breville was manufactured from the "ground up" (It has two RAZOR BLADES" in the center of the shredding disc to shred the WHOLE veggies or fruits being put into the juicer, I believe its  more effective at juicing than the Jack LaLanne Power juicer that was molded with a larger feed chute, without much change in the other aspects of the design.

All of the low cost juicers listed below are centrifugal ejection juicers.  They produce juice by first shredding the produce that is placed into the juicer, next the small shreds and juice that is released is centrifuged into a screen where the juice passes through the  screen, and the pulp is   "ejected" into a pulp collection bin.  The main factors to consider on some of the wide feed chute juicers are:

  • Size of Feed Chute - the feed chute should be as large as possible.  Currently the 3" diameter seems to be the largest.

  • Power - the juicer should have sufficient power to juice the produce that is being put into the machine.  

  • Warranty - Many "inexpensive" juicers may only have a 90 day.  We feel this is just too short.  We choose to offer you wide feed chute juicers with at minimum 10 year.    We believe a juicer should be an INVESTMENT, and like any investment, should last.  Why should you have to pay for an "extended warranty", when it should come with a long warranty in the first place.

In the chart below, please see the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer compared to the Lequip Big Mouth 215XL and the Juice Fountain Juicer which have the same size 3" large feed chute.

Juicer Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Lequip Big Mouth 215XL Omega Big Mouth Juicer The Juice Fountain 95XL
Picture braunmp80.gif (9710 bytes) Lequip Big Mouth 215XL Omega Big Mouth Juicer Breville Juice Fountain Plus
Extraction Method Centrifugal Ejection Centrifugal Ejection Centrifugal Ejection Centrifugal Ejection
Horsepower 1/4 HP 2/3 HP 1/2 HP 1 HP
Watts 250  Watts 480 Watts Peak 375 Watts 850 Watts
RPM 3,600 11,000 11,000 6,500 Low / 13,000 High
Dual Speed No No No Yes
Ejects Pulp Yes Yes Yes Yes
Size of Feed Tube 3" round 3" round 3" round 3" round
Shape of Feed Tube  circle.gif (205 bytes)    circle.gif (205 bytes) circle.gif (205 bytes) circle.gif (205 bytes)
of Juicing Screen and Grinding Plate
Stainless Steel Grinding Plate & Mesh Screen in Plastic Frame Stainless Steel Grinding Plate & Mesh Screen.  Stainless Steel Bowl. Stainless Steel Grinding Plate & Mesh Screen.  Stainless Steel Bowl. Stainless Steel Grinding Plate & Mesh Screen, Plastic Bowl
Continuous Juicing Yes Yes Yes Yes
See-Through top No Yes Yes Yes
Includes Pulp Catch bin Yes Yes Yes Yes
Juices Wheatgrass No No No No
Replacement Parts Available Available Available Available
Comments After seeing this unit in person, I believe it to be nearly identical to the Nutrisource 1000, except for the large feed chute, and shorter warranty. With its large 3" feed chute, and simple design, the Lequip  is easy to clean and use.   The Stainless Steel bowl is a feature not usually seen in  juicers in this price range.  This long awaited juicer is now available. It is the Cadillac of Big Mouth Juicers. In our tests it yielded 20% more juice when juicing carrots.  This is the best wide feed mouth juicer we offer. This Juicer is a great upgrade from the Original Juice Fountain. It now has a high and low speed, and this juicer is quieter on the low speed.
Warranty 90 days 10 years 10 years 1 year
Your Price We do not sell this model $119.99 $199.00 $149.00
Retail Price $99.99
+ shipping
$159.99 $299.99 $199.99
You Save N/A $40.00 $100.99 N/A

We hope you have learned more about Wide feed chute Juicers.

The best juicer is one that meets your budget, and suits your individual needs.  Every person has different needs and uses for the juicer they will purchase.  Based on the following factors, we make the following suggestions about the juicers we offer:

Factor Purchase Suggestion
Price Lequip 215XL (least expensive wide feed chute)
Wants fastest Juicing The Omega Big Mouth  with 11,000 rpm, will juice faster than the other juicers listed above.
Wants the highest yield In our tests, the Omega Big Mouth yielded 20% more juice when juicing four pounds of carrots.
Largest Feed Chute The Lequip 215XL and Omega Big Mouth  has the largest feed chute of 3"
Color The Omega Big Mouth comes in grey. The Lequip 215XL Black is black.  The Lequip 215XL
Best for Traveling The Lequip 215XL is the smallest wide feed chute juicer we offer.
Duration of Warranty The Lequip 215XL and Omega Big Mouth have a 10 year warranty.

We believe that juice should be consumed right after they are produced for the maximum nutritional and enzymatic value.

Why don't you sell the Jack Lalanne Juicer?

When we saw a demonstration of the juicer at the trade show, we were not impressed with the unit based on three main factors:  1. The price/performance was just too much for the unit. 2. The short 90 day warranty.   We felt we could offer our customers a better value by offering juicers that are as good or better than the Jack Lalanne power juicer that has a longer warranty for less money.  We choose to offer the finest quality juicers to our customers. 

Are the Wide Feed Chute Juicers better than the Small Feed Chute (Normal Size)?

Yes and No.  If you want to juice things like carrots and apples, and other hard vegetables and you want it juiced FAST, then the Wide Feed Chute Juicers are for you.  On the other hand, if you want to have more flexibility when juicing leafy greens, the wide feed chute juicers are less efficient.   When feeding in greens (spinach, kale, parsley, etc)  into a juicer, the smaller feed chute is an ADVANTAGE in our opinion, since there is more blade contact time and the leafy produce can be waded up into a tight ball more easily and pushed in with a carrot.

What is the best wide feed chute juicer in your opinion?

The best wide-feed chute juicer in my opinion is the Omega Big Mouth Juicer.  I have had a sample version of the juicer before it was released to the public.   All I can say is that I am impressed. Omega  took their award-winning 4000 model and redesigned it from the ground-up to include a larger feed chute.  They created a winner.  Its long 10 year warranty  (longest warranty for a wide feed chute juicer) and its ease of cleaning make this the best wide feed chute juicer.   It obtains an even higher yield than the Lequip 215XL due to its optimized blade and basket design.

Shouldn't Everyone purchase a wide-feed chute juicer? Is there any advantages of a small feed chute?

No. I do not believe a wide feed chute juicer is for everyone.   Wide feed chute juicers are good because they save time, since you do not need to cut the produce, such as carrots and apples before putting them into the juicer.  They are fairly efficient at juicing these two items, as well as things such as celery and beets, cucumbers, and harder fruits and vegetables.  The drawback to the wide feed chute juicers is that the yield may be less than when juicing with a similiar smaller feed chute juicer.  This really comes into play if you want to juice something like leafy greens (such as kale, collards, spinach, etc).. So if you doubt you will ever juice leafy greens, or dont mind the greatly reduced yield when juicing these items, go for the large feed chute...  Otherwise overall, I still prefer the normal feed chute size, and the Lequip 110.5 would be your best choice.

Isn't the Breville Juice Fountain Elite 800JEXL  A good juicer? It gets great reviews everywhere I read about it?  Why does everyone give it high ratings?

Well, I have owned the 800JEXL juicer and in my opinion, for $300.00 its not a good juicer.  Here is why:

1. Does not yield a high amount of juice when juicing leafy greens.
2. Short 1 year warranty.  Juicers we offer in the $300 range often have 5 Year - 15 Year Warranty.

Why does everyone else rate it so high?   Many "Professional Chefs" and "Gourmet Magazines" started rating this juicer as "the best juicer" because (in my opinion) The marketing department at Breville.  It is a nice looking juicer. It does work well for juicing a variety of foods.  But the people that rate the juicer high, are your gourmet Chefs and other Retailers and not "Juicing Experts".  While we have sold many 800JEXL juicers in the past, with many satisfied customers, I believe that $300 would be better spent on a juicer that has a longer warranty, and will create a higher quality juice. 

Is the motor powerful enough in the Lequip Juicers?

The Lequip 110.5 and Lequip 215XL  juicers are two of our best selling juicers.  They are both designed with a quality induction style motor that is very efficient, and is quite powerful.  These motors are more efficient, and do not need to be "as powerful" to produce the same high quality results.  For all the gear-heads out there, think of a stock 350 chevy engine in a caprice classic, and  compare that to a finely-tuned corvette ZR1 350 engine.   The Lequip Juicer is one of our best sellers, and the manufacturer backs up its high quality by providing a 10 year warranty on the entire juicer!     

What about the "LIFETIME WARRANTY" on the Jack Lalane Juicer?

As stated on the Infomercial, the "LIFETIME WARRANTY" on the Jack Lalane Juicer is for the MOTOR only. It does not cover the other parts of the juicer.  In all our years of selling juicers, we have seen the part least likely to fail on a juicer is the motor.  The warranty on the rest of the juicer is only 90 days, which we feel is extremly short.

What about the claim that the Jack Lalane Juicer makes 30% more juice, as stated on the TV commercial?

I would say that that statement is true based on the juicer that they are testing on TV, (ie: they are using a cheap $30, underpowered "department store"  juicer to make the comparison).  Lets compare apples to apples.  Just see our test here, where we juiced with the Lequip Mini juicer and one of those "department store juicers"  and got up to 16% more juice.  So the 30% more figure could be accurate, based on the fact they are using a "cheap" juicer.  I would say they could not say that statement if they used a different juicer. 

Here are some recent emails we have received about the Jack Lalane Juicer:

I recently purchased a jack lalanne juicer. I am very pleased with the performance and ease of the machine.... but not in the durability. Watching your commercials your claim was it was "dishwasher safe" but after 3 times in the dishwasher the top portion of the juicer,(the white housing on the top)the silver ring is peeling and tarnished!! After paying $300 i would expect better quality and durability , if its not dishwasher safe don't say it is!! Thought after seeing your commercial with the wide top spout and the way your blades and sytem worked, i figured it would be wise to invest in a worthwhile machine........starting to have my doubts? -CC, Canada

I just got myself the LaLanne juicer and I don't like it at all. The thing looks the part, but it has problems. For a start, the juice gathers in the 'basin' of the machine and you get very little out for what you put in. You have to tilt it forward to try to get the rest of the juice out. The pulp clogs in the rear and is difficult to remove. Worst, the apples I juiced came out warm! I got twice as much orange juice from a hand-juicer than I did when juicing an orange with the LaLanne juicer. Why do they talk about it on tv like it is amazing? It's big as well, and easily broken.... Just my personal opinion. Tricia.

I just read CC's note and wished I had read this site first. The Jack Lalane power jucier is NOT dishwasher safe. After only three washes in my reasonably decent (Kitchen Aid) non-commercial grade washer, the feed tube became deformed with a lumpy bottom that I only noticed after it got chewed up by the blade on my next use. I am returning it after only a week and four uses!  EDD, ON Canada

I bought the Jack La Lanne power juicer from the TV ADD. I had two years ant the tip ( plastic over metal ) broke.. I cannot use it ...They told me I need a new base that cost ove $40.00, I was very upset but I used my credit card to purchase over a month ago. ... I have not heard from them. One line is all about purchsing....Very poor customer relations... I am very dissapointed with the juicer and and their service, I hope to get it soon.... They seem to ONLY INTERESTED IN SELLING THEM..... - ID Toms River, NJ

your info on this website is great. I have read the article about dissatisfied customer who did not like Juiceman Jr juicer. I have been using this one for over 11 years, pulp from carrots is dry. I do not like the loud noise but centrifugal juicers are noisy. I tried Jack Lalaine juicer but returned it since the pulp had far more juice in it than pulp from Juiceman.-  KK

Im a visual person, and want to see the difference between the Jack Lalanne and the Lequip Juicers you offer.

Sure.  See the YouTube Video Below:

Have any further questions that are not answered here?  Contact us!

Views expressed in this article are the opinions of based on the Information obtained from manufacturers and other sources.

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