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Comparing the NEWEST dual-stage single auger juicers:
The Omega 8005 and The Solo Star II

by John Kohler

With the introduction of the two new dual-stage single auger juicers, one of the questions that we have been getting very frequently is, which is the better dual-stage single auger juicer? From our previous test, it's apparent that the dual stage juicers generally yield more juice,while juicing carrots, but is there a difference between the new dual stage models?

Omega 8005 and Solo Star Juicers

Omega is not a new name in the juicing business.  It has its roots in juicing for over 30 years with its original model that hasn't changed much over the years, the Omega 1000 juicer.    Unlike the other juicers in the Omega product line which are centrifugal juicers, (1000, 4000, 9000), the 8003 and 8005 (and now discontinued 8002) are single auger juicers made in Korea.   

Tribest has been in the juicer business since the early 1990s, originally introducing the Green Power twin gear juicer, which has now been upgraded to the Green Star Juicer.  It's no surprise that the Solo Star 2 is also made in Korea.

There are a few visual differences when looking at the two juicers side by side.  The Solo Star has more of a square look that takes up a larger footprint while the Omega 8005 is more compact with rounded corners.  The Omega 8003 is the same as the Omega 8005.  The only difference is the color, the 8003 is white in color, while the Omega 8005 has a Chrome/Black appearance.  The Solo Star II is an off-white color, designated as almond.  The Solo Star II has a built in handle, while the 8005/8003 has a pop up handle, which is not as durable as the Solo Star II handle.

Single AugersThe new Solo Star II Juicer and the Omega 8003/8005 juicer have longer augers than the single stage auger juicers.  The extra length in the auger is used for the extra juicing stage.  As you can see by the photo to the right, the Solo Star II  auger is about .75" longer than the Omega 8003/8005 Juicers auger.

Will the longer auger translate into more juice??  In a few moments, you will read about the head-to-head tests we did with the two juicers.

8002 and solo star juicing screensThe juicing screens are shown in the picture to the right.  You can see that the Solo Star II has more screen area on its screen than the Omega 8003/8005 screen.   What this means is that there is more surface area to clean, and, more importantly, there are more places where juice can be extracted.  The holes in the screen on the Solo Star II Juicer start out larger and gradually get smaller.  On the Omega 8003/8005 there are two screen areas, one is on the top of the picture, just out of view, it has really large holes, while the screen near the bottom of the picture has much smaller holes.

The Solo Star  II  and Omega 8003/8005 both incorporate the  dual stage juicing design.  The produce is first crushed.  The juice that is released at this stage is directed to the collection tray through a filter.  On the 8005, this first stage screen is the screen with larger holes that is being hidden.   On the Solo Star, it is the top section of the cone as shown in the picture above.    The 2nd stage on the Omega 8005 is the screen you can see near the bottom of the picture.  The 2nd stage on the Solo Star 2 is the lower section of the screen in the picture above.   The Omega 8005/8003 has a  much smaller screen area.   (which due to surface area, is easier to clean in my opinion).

The Baby Carrot Test

scalecarrots.jpg (18688 bytes)We did a direct comparison with the juicing of baby cut organic carrots.   We juiced  two pounds of baby Cal-Organic carrots in each juicer.   You can see the results of the test in the table below.  Both these juicers took about 3 minutes to juice 2 pounds of baby carrots.

Why Baby Carrots?  We used baby carrots since they are pre-washed, we just opened the bag and fed them into the juicer.  They also come in convenient 1 pound bags.

  Solo Star 2 8003/8005 Difference
Baby Carrots
(2 lbs.)
20.8  oz 16.35 oz + 21.39%

As you can see from the table above, the Solo Star 2 produced an impressive 21.39% more juice when juicing baby carrots than the Omega 8003/8005.  Why the extreme difference?  I believe this difference is due to the longer auger and larger screen area and the juicing nozzle on the SoloStar 2.  The juicing nozzle helps to keep the pulp inside the machine so juice can be further extracted.    Of course, results will vary depending on the produce being juiced.  Remember that  loss of yield means that you are throwing extra "juice" away in the fiber! 

The Apple Test

Since the single auger juicers seem to juice vegetables fairly well, but usually have problems with juicing fruit, we decided to juice apples next. We juiced 2 pounds of organic gala apples, that included a slice of lemon (This recipe is known as lemonade, since the apples give a sweet flavor, and the lemon gives it a "zing")  in both juicers.   See the table below for the results.

  Solo Star 2 8003/8005 Difference
Apples + Slice Lemon
(3 lbs.)
32.00  oz 31.00 oz + 3.13%

Again you can see that the difference was much less than in the carrot test.  The Solo Star 2 still produced a higher yield, but only by a margin of 1 oz, or 3.13%.  

These results would lead us to believe that the Solo Star Juicer is more efficient, since it extracted more juice out of both of the produce items we juiced.   

Clean Up Test

  Solo Star 2 8003/8005 Difference
Time To Clean 3 minutes 1 min 15 seconds + 58% more

Cleaning the juicer is one part of the juicing that many people dread.   In this test, the Solo Star 2 has 6 pieces to clean + a screen with massive surface area.  The Omega 8005 has 5 parts to clean with a screen that has much less surface area.

Here is how we cleaned the juicer: 

  1. We took the juicer apart, and turned the hot water on full in the sink.
  2. In one hand, we took a nylon dish brush that had dish soap applied, the other hand each juicer part. 
  3. We put the part under the water while scrubbing it to get all the pulp dislodged.

The hardest part of the cleaning was removing the pulp from the juicing screen.   This is why the Solo Star 2 took 58% more time than the 8005.  

The Decibel Test

  Solo Star 2 8003/8005 Difference
Decibels 74dB min/80dB max 67dB min/80dB max + 9% louder

Some people have described juicers as "An airplane taking off in my kitchen".  I can assure you that these juicers are two of the quietest juicers we have tested.  We used a digital decibel meter to check the decibels 12" away from the machine (to get the min reading), and  right next to the spout of the machine, to get the max reading. No food was used in this test.

The GaussTest

  Solo Star 2 8003/8005
Gauss at motor Shaft 59mGauss 30mGauss
Highest Reading 195mGauss 120mGauss

What is Gauss?   Gauss is a unit of magnetic field strength.    We had a request to Gauss test the juicers, so we invested in a Digital Gauss meter.   The motors in the juicer creates the Gauss.  I'm no expert in Gauss, but am reporting the readings.  Do the stronger readings mean the juicer is more powerful?  Do the lower reading mean there is better shielding on the motor?  We will let you be the judge.  If you want a low Gauss juicer, looks like the 8003/8005. Of course, if you want a high gauss juicer, the Solo Star 2 is the way to go. 

Full Size Carrot Test (revisited)

Recently we were made aware of manufacturer testing that showed the Solo Star produced 40% more juice than the Omega 8005.  In our test above, we found a 21% difference.   We wondered if this could be possible.   In the previous test, we used baby carrots.  With this test, we used full size carrots, that were washed, and topped.  Please see the results below:

  Solo Star 2 8003/8005 Difference
Full Size Carrots
(4.5 lbs.)
45.8 ounces 35.9 ounces + 21.62%

Once again, we personally achieved a 21.62% difference this time, so we are unable to substantiate the 40% more claim the manufacturer is making.  We did not strain the juice in our tests.  We felt that the pulp content of each of the juicers were similar. UPDATE: After speaking with the manufacturer, we have determined the reason for the difference.  Our tests were done by volume.  The manufacturer tests were done by weight. Does this mean the Solo Star II Juicer produced a pulpier or more nutrient dense juice since the weight vs volume was so different?  We will leave this for you to decide.  Please see the other results of this test below:

Clean Up Test (revisited)

  Solo Star 2 8003/8005 Difference
Time To Clean 3 min 40 seconds 1 min 25 seconds + 61% more

This time, the clean up time for each of the juicers were consistent with the previous test cleaning times, with the Omega 8005/8003 taking less time to clean.   The cleaning method: turn the kitchen faucet on high, and blast water through the parts of the juicer while scrubbing with a nylon bristle brush to dislodged all pulp.

Time to Juice (revisited)

  Solo Star 2 8003/8005 Difference
Total Time to juice 4.5 pounds of carrots 6.0 minutes 5.5 minutes + 8% longer

It seemed that the Solo Star 2 Juicer took a little longer to juice the carrots.  I feel this is due to the longer path the pulp needs to follow before being ejected from this juicer.  The longer path and the more efficient design of the Solo Star 2 is why it is the clear winner in the yield tests.


We hope these two quick tests and article gave you some insight on the newest dual-stage single auger juicers.   A few other factors to consider with these juicers:

  • Clean up-  The Omega 8003/8005 has less parts to clean(five vs. six for the Solo Star II), as well as less screen surface area to clean. 
  • Warranty - The Omega 8003/8005  juicer warranty is 10 years, while the Solo Star II juicer is 5 years. 
Juicer Solo Star II Omega 8003 Omega 8005

Solo Star 2 Juicer

Omega 8003 Omega 8003
Extraction Method Single Auger Single Auger Single Auger
Watts 180 Watts 150 Watts 150 Watts
RPM 80 80 80
Ejects Pulp Yes Yes Yes
Size of Feed Tube 1.50" x 1.50" 1.50" x 1.50" 1.50" x 1.50"
Shape of Feed Tube Circle   Circle Circle
of Juicing Auger
Melamine Plastic Melamine Plastic Melamine Plastic
Dual Stage Juicing YES YES YES
Juicing Screen Material Stainless Steel in Plastic Frame Stainless Steel in Plastic Frame Stainless Steel in Plastic Frame
Continuous Juicing Yes Yes Yes
Decibels while running (not juicing) 74 dB min / 80dB max 67 dB min / 80 dB max 67 dB min / 80 dB max
Juices Wheatgrass Yes Yes Yes
Replacement Parts Available Available Available
Size of Juicer 17" H x 7.5" W x 17" L 12.5" H x 6.5" W x 15.5" L 12.5" H x 6.5" W x 15.5" L
Warranty 5 years 10 years 10 years
Your Price $269.00 $229.00 $259.00
Retail Price $319.00 $299.99 $299.99
You Save $60.00 $70.99 $40.99

We hope you have learned more about the two juicers featured in this comparison. 

These juicers are both great juicers, and for all practical purposes, they are very similar.  Depending on your unique situation, one juicer may be better than the other.

Overall, we prefer the  Omega 8003 / Omega 8005 Juicer for the following points:

  • Quieter (~7 dB in our tests)
  • Less Parts to clean with smaller screen area
  • Longer Warranty (twice the warranty of the Solo Star II)

Even though, the 8003/8005 produced LESS yield, we still like it better than the Solo Star II juicer.  This is primarily due to the fact there is simply less parts to clean, and there is less screen area to clean.  We are willing to sacrifice 3%-21% juice yield  to save on clean up time.

The Solo Star II in sheer performance, outperformed the Omega 8003/8005.  So if you are one of those people that want to get maximum extraction out of produce, and want to purchase a single auger juicer, the Solo Star II has the highest yields that we have tested!

  • In our tests, had up to 21% more juice when juicing carrots
  • More Powerful Motor - 180 watts vs. 150 watts

Please note: These are our tests and our opinions, your results may vary.

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